Váleri Nicol Vásquez

I am a PhD candidate in the Energy and Resources Group at the University of California, Berkeley with a Designated Emphasis in Computational Data Science and Engineering. My work is conducted under the Division of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, where I am generously funded by fellowships from the Association for Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group on High Performance Computing/Intel and the Berkeley Institute for Data Science. I hold an MS from UC Berkeley and a BA from the College of William and Mary.

A variety of the things that delight me include Adélie penguins, linear algebra, and quiet daily kindnesses. Living in the gastronomic mecca that is the Bay Area has raised my appreciation for all things culinary without awakening a single dormant cooking skill. The place has, however, done wonders for my backpacking abilities.

ORCID iD: ORCID iD iconhttps://orcid.org/0000-0003-2108-6459

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Twitter: @valeri_vasquez

Contact: vnvasquez@berkeley.edu