Research aside

I find my deepest sense of freedom on a bicycle, and there has been no better way to explore the beauty of Northern California than on two wheels. I am also an avid runner and opera aficionado; the San Francisco War Memorial Opera House is the first place you’ll find me post-COVID.

My passion for both the natural sciences and evidence-based policy is carried into my spare time through conservation efforts in the Southern Ocean: I co-lead an international group of scientists to advocate for the establishment of a Marine Protected Area in the waters surrounding the Antarctic Peninsula.

A second cause close to my heart is the democratization of data science: I am committed to making data science methods accessible and the data science community inclusive. To that end, I co-develop resources for students and early career scientists embarking on data-intensive research. Stay tuned for exciting (virtual) events to come on this front in 2021!

Select media and public outreach